Pharmacy is a science and technology that is used in the formulation, compounding, and manufacturing of medicines. Pharmacy is a profession that aims to ensure the easy, safe, effective, and affordable use of drugs.

This profession is very useful to fulfill social responsibilities and concerned with public health. Pharmacists are the professionals in the field of healthcare with the specialized training to perform various roles to ensure good health of the society.


Duration : 2 YEAR

Eligiblity : 10+2 Science


A pharmacist is a link between a doctor and a patient where a doctor prescribes the medicines and pharmacist tells about the safe and effective use of medicines to the patients.

This is an evergreen profession as use and demand for medicines are increasing day by day and in the future, it will be many folds in terms of manufacturing, use, and demand of medicines.

Affiliated to Rajasthan University of Health Science

Career Opportunities –

  • Consultant Pharmacists
  • Clinical Pharmacist
  • Dispensary Manager
  • Dispensary Pharmacist
  • Community Pharmacist
  • Hospital Pharmacist
  • Medicines Safety Manager
  • Medicines Management Technician
  • Pharmacy Assistant
  • Senior Clinical Pharmacist