Develop your personal leadership capacities within Poddar Institute's distinctive blend of leadership coursework, coaching, experiential learning, and wide range of student run activities.

Our mission is to develop leaders who act with a deeper understanding of themselves, their organizations, and their communities, and contribute positively to the growth of each. The Leadership Program at Poddar Institute offers one of the largest set of options to develop your leadership style by analyzing and building on your strengths. Supporting leadership development, Poddar Institute's Center for Leadership and Change Management brings new understanding to developing organizational leadership and stimulating practical applications of this knowledge. Discover how Poddar Institute leadership ventures, learning teams and other programs can help you forge your future path as a leader.

Our Specialization

Poddar Business School’s PGDM program- is designed in the context of the ever-evolving business world. Its industry-centric curriculum packed with world-class advanced pedagogy give you an edge with the flexibility of choosing specializations in any of the functional areas of Management viz.

  1. Electives For Marketing

  2. Electives For Operations

  3. Electives For Finance

  4. Electives For Business Analytics

  5. Electives For Human Resource

  6. Electives For Family Business  



Duration : 2 Years

Eligiblity : Graduation


Key Programme Takeaways

  • Evolve from a managerial to a leadership mindset
  • Understand the market, anticipate the future, and devise winning business strategies
  • Enhance skills to lead digital transformation in your organisation
  • Develop financial strategies and manage profitable P&L accounts
  • Strengthen interpersonal effectiveness and the ability to manage large teams
  • Efficiently manage cross-functional teams
  • Developing Entrepreneurial abilities
  • Global Competitiveness

Global Immersion Program

Academic & Professional Training Abroad in Three Continents


Poddar Institute offers one of the most vibrant Global Immersion Programs (GIP), with PGDM students electing to study abroad each year in cities ranging from London to Gold Coast to Sudbury in Canada. Through our partner schools, GIP offers you the opportunity to learn in-depth about business from a different cultural perspective, immerse yourself in a culture outside of India and broaden your network significantly

Students who participate in trimester abroad are uniquely positioned to explore global leadership opportunities. Whether providing consulting services for a small, family-run business in Canada, studying luxury retail marketing in Australia, or taking finance courses in London, the student exchange experience is intended to build on Poddar Institute's global experience and provide you with an immersion that adds value to your time at Poddar Institute. Our students experience short, full-credit courses in an intensive workshop format in a country relevant for the topic and get a high-level survey of the economic, cultural, and geo-political drivers behind regions, integral to the global economy, then experience it in-country.


  • Leadership Certificate : you can pursue in order to improve your management and leadership tactics α, β, γ Level

  •  Global Immersion Program : Poddar Institute offers one of the most vibrant Global Immersion Programs (GIP), with PGDM students

  • 360° Career Support : Our sole purpose is to keep students focused on their goals

  • Entrepreneurship skills :Multiple intelligences refers to a theory describing the different ways students learn and acquire information. 

  • Pool of Electives : Elective Course: Generally a course which can be chosen from a pool of courses and which may be very specific or specialized

  • Center Of Excellence : Prepares students to stay ahead of developments and skill base needed for success in the fiercely competitive world of business.

  • NLP Training : Participating in collaborative study abroad programs enable students to experience firsthand the different cultures.

  • Simulation Studies : Elective Course: Generally a course which can be chosen from a pool of courses and which may be very specific or specialized 

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