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Why Physical Learning is important with Mental Learning at Educational Institute?

“Blessed are the flexible for they are never bent out of shape” by Bill Stainbrook

The quotation by Bill Stainbrook is correct as a person needs to be flexible and never bent out of shape. Similarly, in education, physical health is equally important to mental health – a person needs to take care of their health because it makes a person flexible. Education institutes are needed to focus on both mental and physical health. Colleges are needed to arrange sports week and encourage students to take participate. At PoddarCollege, you will find various sports-oriented activities so that students can refresh their minds. Along with the best MBA college in Jaipur, Poddar is taking their student's physical health on a serious note.

Focus is not only on education but overall personality development!

The college is encouraging students to take active participation in sports and do Yoga to keep them fit. A healthy body will bring more prompt results and it helps in reducing stress and anxiety. Every student has faced a phase of depression and anxiety in their life due to the excessive pressure of education. Moreover, the college never falls in the line and encourages sports activities in the college. The focus is not only to make a student mentally fit but physically fit with overall personality development. If you want your personality development then you should visit the college.You just take the course for you and will love to learn!

  • The college is providing ample time to students to indulge in an extra-curriculum activity.
  • Yoga sessions are organized for students to meditate and for peace of mind so that they can take a break from excessive study pressure.
  • Encourage sportsman spirit so that a student becomes a great leader.

How exercise can improve learning?

Physical Learning makes you a better person! This single line is true. Physical exercise is helpful for overall growth and development and makes you ready to lead from the front. The exercise improves learning at different levels:

  • Physical activities like sports, yoga, indoor games make you attentive, alert, and motivated in every situation.
  • Develop new nerve cells from stem cells in the hippocampus.

The reason for promoting physical activities at college is to make their brain ready for learning and to retain information easily. Thus, we focus on the physical health of our students and faculty. Management of College is motivating students to take participate in inter-college sports tournamentsfor physical health enhancement.

Why is Physical Education so important with Mental Learning at Educational Institutes?


We have found that students of higher education face mental health problems. These problems arise due to the excessive burden of study and least promotion of physical activities. The importance of physical education in college in Indiafor the students cannot be ignored as ithelps to deal with mental health issues. Exercise is important to defense against the mental health issues that students dealt with:

  • Anxiety and panic disorder: Many students are facing a serious issue of a panic attack or anxiety attack from tests or general pressure from their educational institute. Anxiety is a natural reaction to a threat or worry and students face it due to the submission of assignments, tests marks, and exams. To deal with anxiety and panic disorder, students are required to be a part of sports and yoga. This points out a spark in their mind and reroutes the brain circuit and helps in reducing muscle tension and makes a person free from worrisome tendencies.
  • Stress: Students face enormous stress in their classroom due to work overload, peer pressure, high-stakes testing, etc. All these things become a major reason for stress – It harms their body functioning. Thus, exercise is helpful to control the emotional and physical feeling of stress and allow students to deal with the negative consequences of stress. It further helps the students to become socially active and boost their confidence.


    Physical health is important for students as it makes students flexible to deal with any situation. It is helpful in overall personality development and motivates students so that they get good grades in their exams. For making a student “Perfect Fit” physical health is important with mental health at school, colleges.

    In this COVID situation, everything went on digital and we are facilitating classes through online medium. We have developed a classroom for all of the students so that they can stay at home. Moreover, we have arranged some extra activities for students in a form of a hybrid event. Such events make students refreshed and give some break from the home quarantine.