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Why it is important to learn Digital Marketing?

In the ever growing business competition, there is a need that individuals should stay updated with the latest advancements that competitors are using. Digital marketing can bring a lot of opportunities and growth to businesses. It can lead to exposure and more sales. After all, your goal as a business owner is to increase your profit. At Poddar College, the top MBA College in Jaipur, we emphasize that students who have a dream to start their own business should be well aware with the latest trends like Digital Marketing as it can help them reach the target audience more quickly as compared to traditional means of marketing and promotion. Thus, learning MBA with Digital Marketing can provide additional benefits to students.

Different Types of Digital Marketing

PPC or Pay-per-click:

It's a marketing strategy that will draw paid traffic to your business website. The advertiser will pay the publisher every time their ad has been clicked.

Social Media:

It involves platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and more. These platforms are used by businesses to promote their brand by creating valuable content. It's also where business owners can communicate with their customers.


This is a marketing strategy that requires businesses to focus on increasing their website ranking to increase their traffic. The higher your website ranks on Google's SERP, the more chances it is to grow your brand.

Content Marketing:

It's a strategy that allows businesses to bring their customers valuable content instead of pitching sales about the product. Content marketing focuses on value and creating content that will attract customers.

Video Marketing:

Video is the most popular media distributed online. It's effective marketing content that will bring more customers to your business. You can use video marketing in many ways. You can use it to promote your brand or a product, show behind the scenes of your business, share stories, and testimonials.

Email Marketing:

It's one of the oldest forms of digital marketing that has one of the highest ROI. It involves sending out personalized emails to a target audience or previous customers.


There are 4.3 billion internet users in 2019. The number increased to about 9% from January of 2018. Looking at it will give you the idea that there are more people to reach out to when you practice digital marketing.Your business needs exposure to find customers, and the online market is the best way to make it happen.When people hear about your business, they want to learn more about it. They want to check your presence online to know if you do exist.If people can't find anything about you online, chances are you'll lose them as a customer.


Digital marketing is affordable than traditional marketing. If you are a business that has limited resources, spending money to advertise traditionally is not enough. Even the need to print flyers for your business is expensive and time-consuming.But with digital marketing, your small business can start the process immediately. You only need to conduct some studies and then try any of the types of digital marketing mentioned above.


Many businesses claim that doing advertisements online, whether it is paid or free, has a better return on investment. It's possible to have a higher conversion rate or return on investment because most of your customers can be seen online.If you are able to know who your target audiences are, you can lay out a strategy that you need to turn your leads into customers.


Your competitors are doing it. They are also establishing themselves online and bringing more traffic to their site.You can check what your competitors are doing and take note of it. You can use what you know to create a better strategy to drive more customers to your website than your competitors.There are digital marketing tools available online that marketing professionals use for their online marketing platforms. Some of these tools will help businesses spy on their competition. You'll get to know all the strategies they are implementing on their brand.


This time another reason you have to incorporate digital marketing is that you need to build relationships with your customers.One vital aspect of digital marketing is customer service. It means that marketing experts build relationships with customers by reaching out to answer their queries, solve issues they encounter about a product, and turn them into repeat customers.

As you can see, digital marketing is crucial in the survival of today's businesses, it is important to learn MBA with Digital Marketingat the best MBA College in Jaipur. You need to expose your brand to a bigger audience if you want your business to grow. Digital marketing may sound scary at first, but if you take the time to learn about it, you'll see that your company has a lot of potentials to expand because of it. Moreover, considering the benefits of digital marketing, Poddar College has included it as an Add on program along with major academic course.