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What makes the study effective

Studying requires concentration and interest. But to be honest, there is no single way that works for everyone. Everyone has different methods and requirements when it comes to studying according to their learning capability and time. A student can learn a chapter in thirty minutes while for the same, another student can take an hour. Every student is different, so is their learning capacity. Poddar College, Jaipur understands this circumstance and tries to resonate with the learning capacity of all students. Poddar Institute, Jaipur offers extensive academic programs for students and lets them find their interests and choose their courses accordingly.

When it comes to finding a perfect way to study, it is not a one-day task. You have to evaluate and improve your learning skills regularly. Learning what works for your studying helps you learn better and avoid panic and confusion before any examination.

Let's look at some of the common yet effective tips by which you can study efficiently.

Get organized:

Jot down your homework, pending assignments, projects, and tests in a homework planner to help you remember everything and stay consistent.

Pay attention in class:

Be attentive in class, listen to your teachers and make notes of what they explain.

Stay away from distractions:

Steer clear of any distractions. From your phone to your friends, whoever or whichever thing disrupts your study, stay away from them. Make good friends who help you in studies and motivate you.

Make notes for proper understanding:

Make clear and complete notes of whatever your teachers teach you in the class. Notes help you understand the topics more clearly and help in better revision before any examination.

Ask questions:

If you don't understand anything taught in the classroom, ask your teachers. Don't shy away from asking questions.

Make a plan:

Prepare a study schedule. Organize your days according to your schedule. This helps you stay on track and complete your study effectively on time.

Review notes from classes:

After returning home, look at the notes you made in the classroom. Studying them would move the information learned from short to long-term memory.

Ask your teachers:

Your teachers are there for you to help. Talk to them if you have any difficulties with your studies.

Find a spot:

Pick a spot for your workspace according to what works for you. A well-lit, peaceful and quiet area is best for studying.

Take breaks while studying:

Taking breaks whilst studying helps you focus better and study effectively. For every 30 min you study, take a 10-15 min break to recharge yourself.

Simplify your notes:

Highlight the important points, simplify difficult definitions in your own words and simplify your notes. Use the mind-maps to understand and memorize the concepts in a better way. This helps to understand better.

Group studies:

Pick some of your good friends and study with them. This helps you to challenge your knowledge and know your level.

These were some of the ways you can enhance your learning and have effective study time. As the best MBA college in Jaipur, we understand that students should identify what works for them and they can make the study schedule accordingly.