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In today‘s competitive world, each of us wishes to get the best career. Thus, it becomes a more crucial and super picky thing, about more than a millions of thoughts like; which is the best career ahead, what city I should move in, and which college or institution would be a better choice, why, how and too many buzzing thoughts are making a huge noise in your mind. And in result most seekers failed to choose the right path.

This is something which everyone has to bite whether they want to digest it or not? And the situation becomes worse if someone aiming to fight any competition didn’t come to that expectation or someone didn’t get through the entrance in which they appeared for the first time.

So, the most important question is “How to Step Up Career?”. It could be better to understand with the help of a “Food Thali”, which kind of Thali would you like to order? Do you consider just a yummy taste or do you prefer to add on the balanced food full of proteins, minerals and vitamins and include more essential nutritional values.   Because a person suffering from High Blood Pressure or High Sugar Level, food allergy, infection will require a different menu. So, the same way it will happen with your career decision path.

Now understanding a career decision making process in the same way. It starts with a micro analysis of your portfolio, analyzing your weakness and strength, seeing your potential levels, your subject strengths, your area of interests and much more. Here are some of the steps one should apply to make a better choice.


SWOT Analysis

So undoubtedly the first step in deciding for a good career is ‘Self Analysis’, obtaining thorough information about you. If possible go for the SWOT analysis. Now the word SWOT means S stands for strengths, W for weakness, O stands for opportunities and T stands for threats.

Obviously the word strength and weaknesses are very much clear in our mind. See your subject strength, your passions,  or your communicating abilities, your expression power, your language capability, basic mathematics, intelligence, your generic life skills etc.

Coming down to the weaknesses, start analyzing weaknesses. For example if it is a language problem, it can be learned. If it is a communication weakness that again can be improved upon with practice.

But suppose by nature you are introverted, so it’s a suggestion to think for a more suitable career for an introvert. You have to identify the gaps in your current skill set in pursuing a particular course.

Looking at opportunities we always see the complete picture, i.e a premier show or a trailer before we see the movie or other way around is to gather information from the market, analyse the market trends, careers trending, Indian economy and global economy. Remember it’s a government policy that always plays a key role in technology career advancement.

Therefore it is always gauzed before deciding for any career. For example previously it was labor intensive Indian economy which is now being revolutionized with the new technology. It’s therefore time for AI learning and robotics.

And see what threats are; everybody globally is now fighting against covid pandemic which has taken almost million of jobs worldwide. More than 100 million people have lost their jobs in India and it has hit our economy especially tourism and the hotel industry. So it’s advisable to select the career wisely seeing the threats encountering the current scenario. Now It’s advisable for new age cutting technology, digitalization, diagnostics and health care, Vaccination , Ayurveda, Sanitation industry and so on.


Selection of right college

After SWOT analysis the next step is the right selection of the college. You never miss to see the menu card before releasing any order. Therefore there are few things mandatory to check in before you go ahead. The selection of college/ institution to study, and the selection of the right college.

You can select a place according to your criteria but college selection is a very tedious process. There are some logical viewpoints in consideration for any college for example see the reputation of college in terms of its faculties, their teaching experience, their scope index, how rich they are in writing journals, their exposure to the national and international seminars, conferences, their experience in handling research projects.

Facilities & Infrastructure

After teachers, the thing to consider the most are facilities and infrastructure which are available to students such as library, online library softwares, national and international journals available in the library, computer labs with good internet connectivity, sports grounds, digital classrooms, educational tools, softwares, gym and fitness centers, science labs, incubation centers, transportation facilities etc.


And last but not the least, activities are an intrinsic factor playing a vital role in the development of the students. Activities such as cultural, sports, literary, social service, national and international conferences and seminars and the most important is the facilitation of training and placement cell that provides internships, summer training and placements.

Step 3

Future Prospects

The first step is to define what course you want to target and assess how it gets fitted with your overall career goals. Since, every subject has its own area of study and opportunities to look upon. Therefore it is important to collect information and do thorough research on the subject with its future prospects.


See which particular subject fascinates you the most. You really will encounter many obstacles in choosing the subject from your parents, friends, peers because they may be greatly influenced with the market trend, lucrative people, VIPs. But remember this world is full of confusion and at times the students are carried away with the emotions of their parents and peers. Like mere bête ko to doctor hi banna ha.

Course details

It is also important to understand what a course entails and what all does it cover? This means understanding what subjects will be covered, what will you learn, kind of teaching pedagogy followed in particular programs. At times students prefer to talk to seniors, alumni, people working in the same field before taking any decision.

Make a list of things

Make a list of things you like, disike, your passion, your interest, your strength, weaknesses on the basis of the above list.

Analyze each of the course

See the minimum eligibility criteria, subjects required in 12th, possible jobs, possible salaries, opportunities for add on courses, post graduation and competition available.

Choosing the right career is completely in your hand. And it is never an easy game to exercise the complete steps and then drawing the right conclusion as to what to do or what not to do.