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Inside the Fashion Design Process From Briefs to Assembly

Becoming a fashion designer is no piece of cake. It requires passion, research, practice, and time to succeed in this demanding field. With a good knowledge of design, fashion designers are required to curate ideas and design garments according to market trends. Furthermore, different designers, from haute couture to street style, different fashion designers have different approaches to designing garments. However, there are some general steps followed by every designer to curate ideas and design a piece of clothing and we are here to discuss those steps.

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Market Research


Before picking a design idea to work on, do market research on what's trending and what suits your style of designing. Also, pick inspirational design ideas from different sources and the internet is full of them. Today, the market is full of new designs with new ones popping up every single day.


Design Sketch


After collecting all the ideas and inspirations, you will have a rough idea of what you want your design to look like. Based on that, draw a rough sketch, label the details like the fabric details. Note the fabrics, prints, and colours you will like to use. Also, do detailed labelling and make specified notes to keep track of what additions and deductions you can make in your design.


Fabric Sourcing


The next step is to go fabric sourcing. Take your rough sketch along to make better judgments. Also, keep your mind open to alternatives and improvise your design accordingly as you may not always find the exact fabric you are looking for. You can also seek suggestions from the vendor on how the fabrics would behave to have a clearer idea about your design.




After sourcing your desired fabrics, you can directly head to a tailor to get your designed outfit stitched or if you know how to stitch, you can stitch it yourself. The tailor needs to have a clear idea of how and what you want from your outfit to look and fit. The Poddar International College Jaipur is one of the leading fashion designing colleges in Jaipur that offers students with comprehensive learning of all the aspects of designing.


Further Alterations and Finishing


After the outfit is ready, you need to run a fitting trial. The outfit may somewhat be loose or tight. Get it altered according to your liking. Also, check the finishing of the garment and if the outfit is properly stitched.


Designing an outfit is an elaborate and detailed process. Designing a perfect outfit requires focus and skill. However, pursuing a degree in fashion design from the best fashion designing college in Jaipur will help you with equipping you with the necessary aptitudes. Poddar International College Jaipur offers a fashion design course crafted thoughtfully to offer future fashion designers with necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in their careers as designers.