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How to Handle Exam Stress?

Stress and Emotional numbness: the new age paranoia…

Abha and Tulip, 17 years old from Jaipur have been good friends since three years and were used to the sleepovers at each other's homes but when pandemic hit, the two were confined to their homes and could not mingle with each other. With the online mode, they started sharing messages and interacting on social media sites. They also started playing online games together.

When the pandemic gave a window of a few months, they came and met each other but to their parent's surprise they could not bond the way they used to rather they sat in different corners and kept mum.

Such cases are gaining momentum at mental health centers with passing time. Our language of communication has changed. Younger generation is more comfortable with social media interactions rather than physical ones. The pressure of dual life is changing brain patterns and creating emotional numbness.

This change can also be seen amongst adults. Adults are also shying away from deep conversations because that brings them to the forefront of expressing their thoughts and emotions which they have not been doing for quite some time owing to the work from home scenario.

As the pandemic slows down, it becomes pertinent that we take steps to combat the situation. Everyone experiences stress but when it affects our life, health, and well- being then the alarm bells should ring. Stress and emotional upheaval can create disruption in life.

Certain steps if taken properly can bring stability and emotional tranquility. Steps like-

  • Mindfulness

Be in the Present.

  • 4-7-8 Breathing

Breathe in through the nose for 4 seconds, hold for 7 seconds, and exhale through mouth for 8 seconds.

  • Body Scan Meditation

Focus Attention on different parts of your body, from your head to feet after a deep breathing.

  • Laugh a lot

When caught up in a tensed situation or feeling negative the quickest way to diffuse the energy is to have a good laugh. Or it is advisable to read a good joke or se laughter shows.

  • Listen a Good Music

Make a habit to listen to gentle music for 25 minutes daily to help calm your autonomic nervous system.

  • Plan to do List

It is better to plan a whole day with focusing on the chapters you really want to close with the tentative revision exercises along with your meditation and other leisure recreational time.

  • Realize when it is causing you a problem, identify the physical symptoms like- anxiety, migraine, stomach upset etc
  • Identify the underlying problems and try to find solutions with the guidance of some expert or even a senior family member can help
  • Review your lifestyle- examine what is your food intake and your exercise schedule. Unhealthy lifestyle and too much dependence on junk food can lead to obesity and other health issues. Our unhealthy lifestyle can invite diseases which make us lethargic and feel enervated most of the time.
  • Take a break, as humans we want control over our lives which is not always possible. So, listen to your heart and get away from time to time to have fun and see the lighter side of things.
  • Connect with others. There is not a more wonderful solution to fighting stress than this. Spend quality time with your friends and families. Share your emotions and thoughts no matter how frivolous they seem to be. Laugh your heart out and see the magic surfacing around you.

So it's time to listen to our body and mind and take charge of it.

Happy distressing!

Article Written by Ms. Anuradha Ghosh (Professor, Poddar International College, Jaipur)