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Functions of Management Explained

If you are ready to take up an administrative role in an institution, you are needed to prepare yourself first to take up the role. Management is a process that involves effective planning and regulation to run an operation to fulfill a given purpose. To be good at your managerial role, you are first needed to understand the functions of management. For that, you might want to start off by acquiring a degree in MBA from the best MBA college in Jaipur, the Poddar Management and Technical Campus Jaipur.


The four functions of management


The four fundamental features of management workout cohesively for creating, executing, and managing the operations of an enterprise. These four functions are a chain process and all of them complement each other. Knowing the intricacies of them will help you be better at administration. Let's discuss the four functions of management.




Planning is an integral and crucial step of any management strategy. It includes creating a blueprint for the process of how to achieve the organizational goals. It forms the backbone of the procedure of executing managerial tasks. Proper planning is crucial as, without it, the company would not have a direction.

With the evaluation of all the internal and external aspects like finance, resources, budget, economic growth, etc., the administrative personnel curate a blueprint to achieve the organizational goals.




Organizing is the process of allocating resources to bring together aids and assigning tasks to employees to achieve the organizational goals that were planned in the initial stage of planning. Also, managers are needed to closely work with other organizational departments like finance, human resources, marketing, sales, etc to organize staffing and budget. During the organizing stage, managers aim to create a work environment conducive to productivity.




Leading involves motivating and encouraging employees to do better at their jobs which in turn improves productivity and helps in fulfilling organizational goals. This implicates motivating and supporting individual employees, teams, or groups and not just tasks and projects. A good leader builds better relations with the employees so that they happily abide by the directions and commands. Managers should foster a positive work environment and appreciate employees raising their spirits. Managers should constantly motivate and encourage teams to push their limits and do better.




Controlling involves assessing the execution of planning and making alterations to improve efficiency so that the organizational goal is achieved. Also, managers are needed to check the efficiency of teammates and provide them with feedback so that they can identify their key skills and weaknesses. Controlling ensures that the previous steps align with the short-term and long-term goals of the company.


According to the best management college in Jaipur, good leadership goes hand in hand with proper management and supervision. A good manager inspires and motivates employees to reach their maximum potential. If you believe you could be a competent manager, you can pursue MBA from the Poddar Management and Technical Campus Jaipur. If you want to become a logical, tactic, and good decision-maker, an MBA course by the best MBA college in Jaipur is right for you.