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Only a TechnoCrat can make a HUMANOID ROBOT, which can greet humans coming close to it.

Only a TechnoCrat can make a HUMANOID ROBOT, which can greet humans coming close to it.🤖😍🙌!


Poddar International College hosted an enthralling TechnoTrack Event organized by the IT Club, BITDRONE on Wednesday, November 30 & Thursday, December 01, 2022 at the college campus. M. Sc. & BCA students. The event was coordinated by Dr. Ruchir Saxena, HoD, IT Department. Jaideep Jaiswal, President and Ayushi Dixit, Vice President of the BITDRONE Club gave their valuable contributions along with the support of other students.


TechnoTrack encompassed the following exciting activities:

  • Tech-Exhibition

There was a jaw-dropping exhibition of working models of around five Robots. The students of Poddar International College exhibited their amazing skills by displaying their talents.


  • BGMI

An online gaming for students of Poddar and other college with a charge of Rs. 100. For this, teams were made and asked to play.

  • Blind Coding

In this interesting activity, a code was given in C Language. Then the monitors of the PC were to be turned off. Thereafter, the code was to be written and run. The participants showed great zeal in this activity.


  • Start-up Idea Generation

Ideas for Start-ups were to be presented under this business creation activity. The following two were the start-up ideas presented in the event.

a) Vending Machine for Sanitary Pads

As per the generated idea, it was proposed that a vending machine can be installed in educational institutes.

b) QR Code on Vehicles

As a matter of innovation, it was recommended that vehicles can have a QR code, and after scanning the same all details related to the vehicle can be accessed.

  • LAN Gaming

This comprised a fun filled LAN Gaming on PCs using CS 1.6 by paying only Rs. 100.There were around 10 participants. The First winner was from Poddar College and Second winner was from Apex College.


  • RC Racing

This adventurous event held on December 01, 2022 includes Racing of remote controlled cars on the Track created at VT. Road, Mansarovar. Cars were run on a pre-defined frequency. The I, II and III winner students of the exciting car racing were: Ashotosh from Poddar College; Nisthha from Maharani College; and Raghav from St. Anselm’s School.


  • Short Movie/Animated Movie Contest

The participants were to prepare a short three to four minute Video film/Animated film on the given themes. This activity was open to students of other colleges also. I, II and III winners of the contest were announced.