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Poddar Group of Institutions

Neeraj of Poddar College Finds Bug in Instagram


Neeraj Sharma of #Poddar International College, Jaipur has identified a critical bug in Instagram mentioning that it is possible to change thumbnail without the knowledge of the user. The Instagram team took three months to verify his flaw. Further, the team acknowledged the research done by #Neeraj and has granted $49,500 by Facebook and listed 1st in India and 2nd in the world in the Facebook Hall of Fame.

The Chairman of #Poddar Group Dr. Anand Poddar stated that his student Neeraj getting an award is indeed a matter of great pride for the entire #institute. Besides, IT Head of the college, Mr. Ruchir Saxena mentioned that Neeraj took admission in BCA due to his curious nature.

Detecting the Bug

In December 2021, #Neeraj firstly started working on the advertisement graphical API, and then on the reel section. After reaching the point, he changed his thumbnail. Further, using burp he accepted all requests of HTTP.