Poddar Group of Institutions
Poddar Group of Institutions

Case Study on Materials used in Theme based Interior Spaces

Students of Interior Design went for a Case study on Materials used in Theme based Interior Spaces of Jaipur. The primary objective of this case study is to examine how thoughtful material choices contribute to the successful execution of theme-based interior designs. By analyzing real-world examples, we aim to highlight the impact of materials on aesthetics, functionality, and the overall user experience within a themed environment. The case study highlights the critical role that materials play in shaping the character and visual appeal of theme-based interior spaces. Successful interior designers carefully consider thematic elements and leverage appropriate materials to create immersive and harmonious environments. This analysis provides valuable insights for professionals in the field and serves as a reference for future theme-based interior design projects. Therefore, Each student went to a different place for their specific case studies.

Date : 18th January 2024

Number of students attended - 10

Batch - 1 year Diploma 23-24 (Interior Design)

Department - Design Department

Faculty Mentorship - Purnima Vyas