Routes to take after graduation

Routes to take after graduation

Have you recently completed your graduation and are unsure what to do next?

While some students know exactly what career path to take and how to build a professional career after graduation, the majority of students begin to feel performance pressure and find themselves in limbo.

It's natural to be perplexed when it comes to deciding on a career path after graduation.

Today, students have a plethora of career options to choose from which makes it difficult for them to decide which path to take. This is the stage at which they are attempting to realize their passions and skillsets. Thus, top MBA College in Jaipur like Poddar College emphasize that students should carefully search for career options after graduation.

How do you choose the best career path?

It is difficult to decide on the best career path after graduation when you are unsure of what to do next. Confusion arises when students are unable to decide whether to apply for a job or further their education.

Figure out your core area of interest

The first thing you need to do is analyze, observe and figure out your core area of interest. The experience you gained during college must have given you a fair idea about your area of interest. Based on that, note down your hobbies and passion along with the things in which you are good at, like your skills, talent and strength. This will help you to self-judge your potential and you will be able to make the right career decision.

What are the career options available to graduates?

There are numerous career options available to you depending on your stream and area of study. If you have a bachelor's degree in the arts, sciences, or commerce, the following are your career options in terms of job prospects and further education.

Options for Arts Graduates

MA in subjects such as English, Economics, and History are the most popular options for Arts Graduates. MA programs are ideal for students who want to further their education by pursuing M.Phil and Doctorate degrees and working as researchers in their fields. MA degrees are also appropriate for candidates who want to become teachers.

Apart from this,Arts graduates have a plethora of lucrative job opportunities. The first is government jobs in banking, agriculture, central secretariat, railways, and other fields. They hold separate entrance exams, such as the IBPS and SSC exams. Then, if you have strong communication skills and a pleasant personality, you can work as a Customer Service Associate or a Relationship Executive in a BPO.

Public Relations are another option for Arts Graduates with a strong personality and outgoing personality. This field provides excellent job opportunities as well as competitive pay. If you are a good writer, you can work as a Sub-Editor for a media company or as a Copywriter for an advertising agency.

Further study options for Commerce Graduates

The most preferred career options after B.Com is CA. CA exam is conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAI) and it has a three-level module that is CPT, IPCC and Final CA. However, for B.Com Graduates, candidates are eligible to directly appear for the IPCC exam.

Another option for B.Com Graduates is the M.Com program. It is a two-year program and is offered by every recognized university. This program focuses on the study of Business, Accounting, Finance, Statistics, Economics, Marketing and Management.MBA after B.Com is another popular option for graduates.

Another option is MBA in Finance. This is the most popular career option for Graduates. If you want to see yourself as a Chief Financial Officer of any company in future, this course will do the job for you. CAT, XAT, MAT and MHCET are some of the popular entrance tests through which candidates are shortlisted for admission to MBA colleges.

Job Opportunities for Commerce Graduates

After completing your B.Com, you can apply for the position of Accountant in any company. Every business requires an accountant to keep its balance sheet up to date. You can easily find a job in the financial sector if you are well-versed in Cost Accounting, Basic Principles of Accounting, and Management Accounting.Auditor, junior financial analyst, tax accountant, and business analyst jobs can also be found in areas such as business consulting, industrial houses, and public accounting firms.

Options for Science Graduates

Students who have completed their B.Sc. can immediately pursue M.Sc. programmes in fields of their choice. M.Sc. will open new doors of employment for students who wish to pursue research and doctoral-level studies. In addition to this, B.Sc.students can pursue MBA programmes to advance their careers in management. MBA in Hospital Management, IT Management, and Laboratory Management are now available, making them an ideal course module for Science Graduates.

Job prospects for Science Graduates

There are plenty of job opportunities for B.Sc. Graduates. Science Graduates can find jobs in Education Institutes, Space Research Institutes, Hospitals, Health Service Providers, Chemical Industries, Testing Laboratories, Geological Survey Institutes and many more right after completing their Graduation.Apart from technical fields, Science Graduates can also work in Marketing, Business and other Research Field. Science Graduates can work as Medical representatives, Consultants, Junior Clinical Research engineers, Teachers and many more.

What to do after Graduation: Why is it a Big Decision?

You've come a long way in your academic career, and now it's time to make the right career choice, which will pave the way to a prosperous professional future.This is not as straightforward as it appears. Today's job market is expanding at an exponential rate, and unusual jobs are becoming increasingly popular. As a result, a B.Com or B.Tech Graduates are not required to pursue an MBA or Software Engineering as their only career options. For example, an Engineering Graduate may have spent four years of his life completing his degree; however, this does not obligate him to continue in this field if his passion, aptitude, and skills lie in another. As a result, after completing your graduation, you must determine your passion, aptitude, and skill set. This will not only help you finish your higher education but will also allow you to find the right career opportunities after graduation.

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