Mentorship Programs in MBA

Mentorship Programs in MBA

Mentorship programs help in improving individual skills, abilities, and potential and form a relationship between student and professional. The mentorship program is a 60 days training under which student learnsabout the job role, work culture, etc. that benefits in future. The mentorship programs in MBA are focused on the course chosen by the student. Many multinational companies or national companies are recruiting students from college and provide some basic remuneration for it. Poddar College is the best MBA college in Jaipur and offers multiple courses to students like Journalism & Mass Communication, BBA, BCA, etc. Students can choose the desired course and have to complete an industrial training of 60 days.

A mentorship program from the best MBA college in Jaipur will help in making future business leaders. The MBA program provides an opportunity for the students to learn about the business under the guidance of top executives. Poddar Management and Technical Campusis focusing on the development of the overall skills and capabilitiesof a student. We are building future leaders by providing an academic experience and industry exposure. Take the course and pursue your MBA from the best MBA college in Jaipur to follow your dreams.

Mentorship programs in MBA will help the students to sharpen their skills and abilities. This will be helpful for them to get the working experience and get their desired jobs. We have discussed the mentorship program in MBA, how it will help in developing future business leaders. Now, we are going to discuss the planning of mentorship program in MBA by the best MBA college in Jaipur :

  • A clear description of the goals and objectives.
  • Provide a suitable and relevant mentor to the students so that they can ask anything without any hesitation.
  • Communication and tracking are two important aspects to make a successful mentorship program.
  • Encourage Alumni to share their experience so that freshers can learn more and more things.

Poddar Management and Technical Campus is the best MBA college in Jaipur and providesan appropriate mentorship program to their students so that their skills and abilities can be improved.

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