Leader vs Coach

Leader vs Coach

Leadership" and "coaching" are often used interchangeably. If you know the difference between a coach and a Leader, you probably cringe a little inside when this happens, because it's likely you've worked for or with a leader.

The ability to effectively coach students/team is a management skill that every good leader must possess.

What is Leadership?

Overseeing others' work is what is meant by the term "Leadership". A Leader's responsibilities typically include, but are not limited to:

  • The process of onboarding and orienting new hires
  • Organizing and conducting meetings
  • Assigning tasks and responsibilities to others
  • Commenting on a project
  • Monitoring and evaluating progress and results
  • Decision-making
  • Confronting and resolving conflict

As a result, "managing" teams are often synonymous with solving their problems. It's not always intentional, but poor teams tend to rely on their leaders to solve their problems.

This is not to say that managing is not necessary at times. The team member may defer to you when you're pressed for time or when a superior has very specific needs and you're the most familiar with them.

Situations like these call for speed, decisiveness and accuracy. It's all about the results, and there's very little margin for error. Team members in these situations need someone to take charge and assign tasks.

Controlling and commanding a team is a less effective leadership style, however, because it leads to disengaged teammates who rely on their superiors to make all of the decisions for their organization’s success.

The ideal situation would be for leaders to step in and act as coaches for their teammates as well.

What is coaching?

The term "coaching" refers to a two-way communication process between members of the organization (leaders to team members, peers to peers, team members to leaders) aimed at influencing and developing the student's skills, motivations, attitudes, judgment, or ability to perform, along with their willingness to contribute to an organization's goals.

Students who are being coached are being taught how to solve problems on their own rather than relying on the Leader, critical thinking skills are taught. Coach-style management relies on open communication in both directions (Team members to leader/supervisor and leader/supervisor to Team members).

Leaders effectively guide their teammates through their work and then step aside. This group of leaders believes that their team members are capable of making smart decisions on their own.

Working conditions improve, productivity increases, and quality improves when teammates feel they can rely on one another

Because they focus on the task and the bottom line, too many leaders fail to achieve success because they fail to recognize that the most effective way to achieve results is by developing and inspiring others.

If Leaders don't talk with their team members about their performance and contributions to the organization, then the organization will struggle to grow and compete.

Leaders can fulfil their responsibility to deliver by implementing regular and skilled coaching but performance and productivity have been improved as a result of this change.

"Coaching process" becomes second nature to a leader once he or she learns how to think, speak, and act as a coach.

In simple words leading is around creation, the vision, introducing direction, being the example to your institution or organization, whereas coaching is concerning Mentoring, encouraging, helping and supporting others to be the best version of yourself. These are integral skills that every great leader needs to have.

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