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How to add color to your wardrobe

You wake up one morning and walk to your closet, and realize that every outfit you wear is the same three colors. Our generation has maximum black, blue and grey clothes and hardly try new designs and colors. Sometimes, these similar color impacts on your life as well. Without any colorful wardrobe, your liferemainscolorless. Add some colorsto your life with a new and trendy lifestyle attire. The designers are uplifting their skills and designing with the new colorful clothes as per the season. The designing skill is mainly developed by Poddar International College in itsstudents through workshop, seminars and fashion walks. This helps them to introduce new fashion trend as per the season. Following are some major ways that help you to add colors to your wardrobe:

  • Colorful or patterned dress: For developing a more colorful wardrobe, the first thing is to seek out colorful dresses as per the season. Add different colors and pattern clothes to your wardrobe and do some mix and match with the attire. Go shopping! Find some interesting colors and pick them up or try some pattern dresses.
  • Pair New colors with old standbys: For adding some extra color to your wardrobe, you need to bridge between existing and new ones. Try your new outfit with the existing one – make a good combination.
  • Blush with new neutral:Get a new neutral for your wardrobe. When you went for shopping, avoid grey shade clothes. You can even go with other dark shade clothes but not particularly with the grey ones. Start blushing with the new neutral.
  • When everything fails, go with accessories:Your style is not limited to apparel. If you can’t find a perfect match with your clothes go with something else. Find out the accessories that fit with your clothes like a watchband, laces, brightly-hued bags, and many more.

These are some ways to add color to your wardrobe. Look for the different designs and concepts to make the best outfit that suits you and your personality. Fashion Sense is no longer a normal thing. The designers are going with a different outfit and its combination to make an innovative design. The new fashion trends are just a creative mind away. Poddar International College will help you to learn new fashion trends as per the season.

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